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The Celebrated Case of Leo Frank (August 1915)

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The Celebrated Case of Leo Frank (August 1915)

Published August 1915

The Celebrated Case of Leo Frank, Watson's Magazine, August, 1915, Edition written by Tom E. Watson and produced through his Jeffersonian Publishing Company.

Tom Watson's August and September (1915) issues of Watson's Magazine about the Leo Frank Case are a must read. Tom Watson solves who murdered Mary Phagan in the September issue without using Jim Conley's testimony.

Leo Frank Admission that Amounted to a Murder Trial Confession August 18, 1913

Leo Frank reveals he may have "unconsciously" gone to the bathroom in the metal room to counter Monteen Stover's testimony that he was not in his inner or outer office from 12:05 to 12:10 PM on April 26, 1913.

Leo Frank Admission on the Witness Stand:

Now gentlemen [of the Jury], to the best of my recollection from the time the whistle blew for twelve o’clock [noon on Saturday, April 26, 1913] until after a quarter to one [12:46 p.m.] when I went up stairs and spoke to Arthur White and Harry Denham [at the rear of the fourth floor], to the best of my recollection, I did not stir out of the inner office [at the front of the second floor]; but it is possible that in order to answer a call of nature or to urinate I may have gone to the toilet [in the metal room at the rear of the second floor]. Those are things that a man does unconsciously and cannot tell how many times nor when he does it (Leo Frank Trial Statement, August 18, Brief of Evidence, 1913).

Excellent sources of research and information about the Leo Frank Case include:

0. The Leo Frank Case Inside Story of Georgia's Greatest Murder Mystery 1913 - The first neutral book written about the murder of Mary Phagan and trial of Leo Frank.

1. The Murder of Little Mary Phagan by Mary Phagan Kean (Available on Written by Mary Phagan Kean, the great grand niece of Mary Phagan. A neutral account of the events surrounding the trial and appeals of Leo Frank, including his posthumous pardon. The Murder of Little Mary Phagan is well worth reading and it is a refreshing change from the endless number of Jewish authored modern and contemporary books, disingenuously transforming the Leo Frank case into a neurotic, anti-Gentile, race obsessed tabloid controversy.

2. American State Trials, volume X (1918) by John Lawson tends to be biased in favor of Leo Frank and his legal defense team. This case commentary review provides an *abridged* version of the Brief of Evidence, leaving out some of the important testimony and evidence when it republishes parts of the trial testimony. Be sure to read the abridged closing arguments of Luther Zeigler Rosser, Reuben Rose Arnold, Frank Arthur Hooper and Hugh Manson Dorsey. For a more complete version of the Leo M. Frank trial testimony, read the 1913 Leo Frank Case Brief of Evidence.

3. Argument of Hugh M. Dorsey in the Trial of Leo Frank. Some but not all of the 9 hours of arguments given to the Jury at the end of the Leo Frank trial on August 22, 23, and 25, 1913. Only 18 libraries in the United States have copies of these statements in book format. This is an excellent book and required reading for students of the Leo Frank case to see how Hugh Dorsey, in sales vernacular, 'closed' the panel of 13 men (the trial jury of 12 men plus Judge Leonard Strickland Roan).

4. Leo M. Frank, Plaintiff in Error, vs. State of Georgia, Defendant in Error. In Error from Fulton Superior Court at the July Term 1913, Brief of Evidence. Only three original copies from 1913 and 1914 exist at the Georgia State Archive.

Three Major Atlanta Dailies: The Atlanta Constitution, The Atlanta Journal and The Atlanta Georgian (Hearst's Tabloid Yellow Journalism). The most relevant issues center around April 28th to August 27th 1913.

5. Atlanta Constitution Newspaper: The Murder of Mary Phagan, Coroner's Inquest, Grand Jury, Investigation, Trial, Appeals, Prison Shanking and Lynching reported about the Leo Frank Case in the Atlanta Constitution Daily Newspaper from 1913 to 1915.

6. Atlanta Georgian newspaper covering the Leo Frank Case from late April though August, 1913.

7. Atlanta Journal Newspaper, April, 28, 1913, through till the end of August, 1913, pertaining to articles about the Leo Frank Case:

Leo Frank confirms he might have been in the bathroom at the time Monteen Stover said his office was empty (12:05 pm to 12:10 pm): See the Atlanta Constitution, Monday, March 9, 1914, Leo Frank Jailhouse Interview

U.S. Senator Tom Watson

8. Tom Watson's Jeffersonian Newspaper (1914, 1915, 1916 and 1917) and Watson's Magazine (1915). Tom Watson's best work on the Leo M. Frank case was published in August and September 1915. Watson's five major magazine works written serially on the Frank-Phagan affair, provide logical arguments confirming the guilt of Leo M. Frank with the superb reasoning of a seasoned criminal attorney. These five 1915 articles published over numerous months are absolutely required reading for anyone interested in the Leo M. Frank Case. Originals of these magazines are extremely difficult to find.

8.1. The Leo Frank Case By Tom Watson (January 1915) Watson's Magazine Volume 20 No. 3. See page 139 for the Leo Frank Case. Jeffersonian Publishing Company, Thomson, Ga., Digital Source

8.2. The Full Review of the Leo Frank Case By Tom Watson (March 1915) Volume 20. No. 5. See page 235 for 'A Full Review of the Leo Frank Case'. Jeffersonian Publishing Company, Thomson, Ga., Digital Source

8.3. The Celebrated Case of The State of Georgia vs. Leo Frank By Tom Watson (August 1915) Volumne 21, No 4. See page 182 for 'The Celebrated Case of the State of Georgia vs. Leo Frank". Jeffersonian Publishing Company, Thomson, Ga., Digital Source

8.4. The Official Record in the Case of Leo Frank, Jew Pervert By Tom Watson (September 1915) Volume 21. No. 5. See page 251 for 'The Official Record in the Case of Leo Frank, Jew Pervert'. Jeffersonian Publishing Company, Thomson, Ga., Digital Source

8.5. The Rich Jews Indict a State! The Whole South Traduced in the Matter of Leo Frank By Tom Watson (October 1915) Volume 21. No. 6. See page 301. Jeffersonian Publishing Company, Thomson, Ga., Digital Source:

Tom Watson's Jeffersonian Weekly Newspaper

9. The archive of Tom E. Watson Digital Papers, the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, contains the full collection of Jeffersonian Newspapers:

Modern Leo Frank cult members (known as Frankites) are posing as neutral reviewers and attempting to convince people not to read Tom Watson's analysis about the Frank-Phagan affair. Watson's analysis of the case is the controversial forbidden fruit of truth that have been censored for more than 100 years. For a nearly complete selection of: Tom Watson's Jeffersonian newspaper articles specifically related to the Murder of Mary Phagan and Leo Frank Case.

Tom Watson Brown, Grandson of Thomas Edward Watson

10. Notes on the Case of Leo M. Frank, By Tom W. Brown, Emery University, Atlanta, Georgia, 1982.

Leo Frank Georgia Supreme Court Archive:

11. Leo Frank Trial and Appeals Georgia Supreme Court File (1,800 pages).

Publisher Jeffersonian Publishing Company, 1915
Year 1915
Language English
Book contributor Tom Watson, 1915
Collection opensource
Notes Watson's Magazine, August and September, 1915, review the Leo Frank trial testimony.


Reviewer: Macro Man - favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - October 27, 2012
Subject: Watson's Magazine August-September 1915
I read Watson's Magazine August and September 1915 as suggested. I find it impossible to come to any other conclusion that Frank committed the murder of Phagan. There is no doubt in my mind there was an ugly-dirty moneyed conspiracy to help him skirt justice back then that refuses to gather dust. God Bless Saint Mary Anne Phagan Martyr of Christian Southern Womanhood.
Reviewer: sarahcohen - favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - June 15, 2011
Subject: spoiler alert
the spoiler is the entire long winded 29 day 1913 trial can be reduced to one single moment. Leo Frank made a "woopsy daisy" confession blunder during his murder trial on August 18, 1913. he attempted to counter the testimony of Monteen Stover, by saying he was in the metal room going to the bathroom. It was the first time in US history the defendant made a virtual confession at his own murder trial. Leo Frank might be book smart, but he isn't to bright.
Reviewer: manhattansunrise - favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - May 2, 2011
Subject: Tom Watson, August, 1915
This was published the Month Leo Frank got lynched (August 17, 1915) and if you read this specific issue of Tom Watson's Magazine you will learn how Leo Frank subverted justice. You can also learn about the Leo Frank murder confession he made on the witness stand on August 18, 1913 with an "unconscious" bathroom visit to the metal room. How many times in US history has someone made a murder confession at their own criminal trial?

Be sure to read Tom Watson's interpretation of the August 18, 1913, Leo Frank murder confession, which was originally articulated by State's Prosecution attorneys Frank Arthur Hooper and Hugh Dorsey at the Leo Frank Trial in late August 1913 (see the closing arguments of prosecution lawyers in American State Trials Volume X 1918 by John D. Lawson LLD)

Each of these 5 issues starting with January 1915 gets better and more unique when you read them in chronological order, with the best issues being August, September and October 1915.

Don't miss their unique perspectives on the Leo Frank trial.

If you read all five of these 1915 works by Tom Watson on the Leo Frank trial you will learn about the hidden truths inside and out and things left out by Leo Frank partisans of this case. The whole point of the Frankites is to make ad hominem attacks on Tom Watson, so that you do not consider his crystal clear lucid writing.

After you download these five 1915 PDF by Watson, upload them to other free online libraries and share them with people you know interested in the Leo Frank case.
Reviewer: ogden1000 - favorite - April 25, 2011
Subject: The subversion is when facts are ignored or made up in the service of bigotry
So sad that this is still going on - The previous reviewer says Leo Frank subverted justice -- imagine what he would have said if Frank wasn't lynched after being wrongly imprisoned for years? The bigotry of the source material (Tom Watson's) and the anti-semitic rants from the guy who posted these long diatribes against Frank on this site caused me to look into the actual history of this case. Family members of the prosecutor, associates of Tom Watson, descendants of Georgia officials at the time -- they all admit to how bias and prejudice railroaded an innocent man. Why is this one guy who's posted all this garbage all over this site championing bigots? Why is he so bigoted himself?
Reviewer: holysmoke - favorite - April 24, 2011
Subject: Why are we being asked to ignore the fact that the sole source of this stuff was a bigot?
Tom Watson, the source of the so-called objective analyses of the Frank case, was a bigot by his own writing. In his publication, the Jeffersonian, in plainly anti-semitic writings, he inflamed and incited. He ignored evidence that supported Frank's innocence, made up other evidence, counted innuendo and rumor as fact, bullied and threatened the jurors ---- and for some reason, the guy who's posted all this garbage loves him. (Oh, by the way, Watson also was directly responsible for the lynching, which all these "reviews" totally whitewash.) He also was responsible for a resurgence of the KKK.
Reviewer: woodycrest1000 - favorite - April 23, 2011
Subject: Sad, that Tom Watson is being portrayed as anything but a bigot
It's really astounding that there are these folks pretending that Tom Watson was just some objective analyst of this case. He was not. He was a first-class bigot, who used his platform in the Jeffersonion publication to spew anti-semetic, anti-catholic, anti-black, pro KKK poison. There is a reason why most folks today believe Leo Frank was innocent - Watson and the prosecutor made up evidence, suppressed other evidence, based a prosecution on innuendo and prejudice, bullied and threatened witnesses and jury members --- and then, when Frank's death sentence was commuted, incited his lynching! Watson was a bigot who these modern day bigots are touting as some kind of academic scholar. A previous reviewer may be right - the language may be the same as modern day commentary. That is a sad comment in and of itself.
Reviewer: L-H - favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - April 22, 2011
Subject: Best Leo Frank book ever
This is the best book on the Leo Frank case concerning the brutal rape and murder a 13 year old girl named Mary Phagan. Leo Frank, president of B'nai B'rith was charged and convicted of this sickening crime because of the overwhelming evidence against him. After the conviction, Leo Frank tried to escape justice by using the power and influence of wealthy Jewish media magnates. This book includes all the evidence most other books intentionally leave out.
Reviewer: Haphaestus - favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - April 22, 2011
Subject: A solid Review of the Facts
Leaving aside the rhetoric surrounding the case, we see here a good view of what probably was a dissenting / majority view of the infamous Leo Frank murder trial.

For those with a negative view of this article, it's fair to point out that this doesn't read much different than political commentaries of today.
Reviewer: manhattaninsanity - favorite - April 21, 2011
Subject: Bigotry begets bigotry
So, now we're getting closer to who this guy is who posts all this stuff celebrating Tom Watson - who was a bigot by his own documentation (please, check out his writings and you'll see what I mean). And it's no wonder he's fixated on Watson's bigoted rants and lies about a 100-year old murder case. Judging from some of his comments, he claims that anyone who points out Watson was a KKK-supporting, anti-semite, anti-Catholic, anti-black bigot (which he proudly says in his own writings) is like a "Jew who says Jesus was a Jew-hater". I don't even get that logic. But, it's revealing. He likes Watson because he himself is 100 years behind the times. Well, at least this time it's his own bigotry on display, now Watson's.
Reviewer: somerset444 - favorite - April 21, 2011
Subject: Consider the source, please!
It's not a knee-jerk reaction to consider the source of the information you're reading. In this case the source is Tom Watson over and over again, in multiple posts on this site. Is it reasonable to believe that a person (Watson) whose writings supported the KKK, vilified Catholics, and spread hatred for Jews is the best source for facts in a 100 year old murder case involving a Jew? Is it reasonable to believe legal arguments from someone who called for and then celebrated a man's lynching? I'm baffled by why the poster of these materials and reviews is on this crusade of hatred against Frank and urges us to ignore the source's (Watson's) proudly stated bigotry. In many of his posts on this site, his reviews of the "fairness" of Watson's analysis are peppered with casually inserted phrases of conspiracy theories involving Jews. He's moderated the language in some of the posts - and removed other posts with revolting statements about the lynching being Frank's own fault - but the prejudice remains. Why does he want to hide his source's true beliefs? (It's easy enough to find out what Watson believed about the KKK, Catholics and Jews -- just Google his writings!)
Reviewer: hounddog56 - favorite - April 20, 2011
Subject: You need to consider the source - bigoted
Right, the fact that Tom Watson was a KKK supporter, and wrote violent anti-Catholic and anti-semitic articles has nothing to do with his integrity and believability, huh? This 100-year old case is dragged up over and over in postings on this site, and we're not supposed to consider the prejudices of the source? Oh, and by the way, when someone says "it's no wonder" someone gets lynched, it reveals a lot about them.
Reviewer: Apiru-inhibitor - favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - April 20, 2011
Subject: Leo Frank did it
The article clearly shows that Leo Frank was not deprived of any defense during the two years of his trial but instead had his defense extended thanks to a corrupt governor. The people of the South were not naturally anti-semitic until Leo Frank got cocky and raped an innocent 13 year old girl.
Reviewer: anderson10 - favorite - April 20, 2011
Subject: The source of this is a KKK supporting anti semitic, anti-Catholic bigot
Here's another posting trying to portray Tom Watson as a serious analyst of the Leo Frank case. He was not. He was a bigot who supported the KKK, was wildly anti-semitic and bitterly anti-Catholic. He incited for then celebrated the lynching of Frank. He was bigot, plain and simple. Why he is being posted all over this site as an objective analyst of a 100-year old murder with no reference to his bigotry is a mystery to me. But some of the titles of his articles, with terms like "Jew Pervert" and "Rich Jews Indict State" may give you a clue.
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